Title Due Date State Type
A--d3i Domain 1 Synopsis Jul 31, 2015 AL Pro Early Lead
A--d3i Domain 2 Synopsis Jul 31, 2015 AL Pro Early Lead
A--d3i Domain 3 Synopsis Jul 31, 2015 AL Pro Early Lead
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Oct 31, 2014 AR State/Local
Practical Technology Applications using Real-Time Data Nov 21, 2014 CA State/Local
On-Line Voting System Nov 25, 2014 CA State/Local
Install Hardware & Software Today, CA State/Local
Maintenance of Stancil Recorders & Reproducer Workstation Oct 30, 2014 CA State/Local
R -- Notice Of Intent To Extend Contract N00039-03-c-0013 Nov 19, 2014 CA Free Listing
IT Negotiations Consulting Services Oct 30, 2014 CA State/Local
Maximo Support Renewal Oct 30, 2014 CA Free Listing
Purchasing Process Control Oct 28, 2014 CA State/Local
IT Management and Support Services Oct 24, 2014 CA State/Local
Camera Systems Maintenance Oct 27, 2014 CA State/Local
Informational Technology Services Nov 3, 2014 CA State/Local
Information Technology Services Dec 15, 2014 CA State/Local
Upcoming: Internet Connectivity - $600,000 Spend Nov 1, 2014 CO Pro Early Lead
Technology Funding Analysis Oct 24, 2014 CO State/Local
Symantec Antivirus Renewal Oct 30, 2014 CO State/Local
Upcoming: Transit Network Service Development Consultant Oct 31, 2014 CO Pro Early Lead
Review & Negotiate Maintenance Nov 3, 2014 CO State/Local
SPR GIS Software Maintenance and Support Nov 7, 2014 CO State/Local
A--PEO STRI Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS)<br>Test Resource Management Center Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) FY13 BAA W900KK-12-R-0009 Sep 30, 2016 FL Free Listing
A--PEO STRI Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS)<br>Test Resource Management Center Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology Cyberspace Test Technology (CTT) FY13 BAA W900KK-12-R-0010 Sep 30, 2016 FL Free Listing
A--spectrum Efficient Technology (set) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0015 (trmc - Peo Stri) Sep 30, 2018 FL Pro Early Lead
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Solution & Professional Services Today, FL State/Local
Network Vulnerability Testing Oct 22, 2014 FL State/Local
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Solution & Professional Services Today, FL State/Local
Information Technology Consultation Services Nov 10, 2014 FL State/Local
Information Technology Consultant Oct 24, 2014 FL State/Local
Wide Area Network Services (WAN) Oct 31, 2014 FL State/Local
Open Systems Hardware Maintenance Oct 28, 2014 GA State/Local
Open Systems Hardware Services Oct 28, 2014 GA State/Local
Enterasys Equipment and Support Oct 23, 2014 GA State/Local
Management System & Maintenance Nov 12, 2014 GA State/Local
Tiss Engineering Support Today, GA Free Listing
Cisco Hardware and Software Nov 13, 2014 GA State/Local
Mobile Computer Replacement Nov 20, 2014 GA State/Local
Rapid ID Maintenance Support Oct 28, 2014 GA State/Local
Information Technology Services Oct 31, 2014 GA State/Local
Automated Permitting and Planning System Dec 1, 2014 HI State/Local
Information Technology Strategic Plan and Assessment Oct 24, 2014 IL State/Local
Street Tree Inventory, Tree Management Software, and Tree Management Plan Oct 30, 2014 IL State/Local
2020 Census Integrated Communications Program Request For Information Oct 31, 2014 IN Free Listing
Powerpath Licenses and Maintenance Oct 22, 2014 IN State/Local
Technology Systems Consulting Oct 29, 2014 KS State/Local
Create & Implement Unique Statewide Student Identifier System Oct 31, 2014 LA State/Local
Process Control Learning Systems - Upgrade Nov 19, 2014 LA State/Local
RFP for Backup Solution Nov 18, 2014 LA State/Local
A--engineering Development Unit And Flight Model Low Temperature M3 Mirror Andor M3 Mounted Mirror Assembly For The Wfirst Wfi Oct 24, 2014 MD Free Listing
Lease and Maintain Copiers Oct 24, 2014 MD State/Local
R--ticket Program Manager (tpm) Source Sought Oct 22, 2014 MD Free Listing
A--the U.s. Army's Cerdec Intelligence And Information Warfare Directorate Is Conducting This Rfi To Identify Potential Providers Of A Co-channel Rf Interference Cancellation (ic) Capability For Implementation Aboard U.s. Army Platforms. Oct 29, 2014 MD Free Listing
Aar-47 Missile Warning System Engineering And Technical Support Oct 24, 2014 MD Free Listing
Non-recurring Engineering For Ecp C2024-arq-003 Oct 31, 2014 MD Free Listing
Quality Assurance Nov 13, 2014 MD State/Local
IT Staff Augmentation Services Oct 24, 2016 MA State/Local
Replacement UFR Efile System Dec 31, 2014 MA State/Local
IT Services Consultant Oct 28, 2014 MA State/Local
Gaming Information System Replacement Oct 22, 2014 MI State/Local
Splunk Enterprise Support Renewal Oct 22, 2014 MI State/Local
Systems Technical Services Nov 28, 2014 MI Free Listing
Systems Technical Services Nov 28, 2014 MI Free Listing
Upgraded IT Capabilities Oct 30, 2014 MI State/Local
Hardware & Software Maintenance Support Nov 3, 2014 MI State/Local
Law Enforcement Records Management System Oct 30, 2014 MN State/Local
Physics and Nanotechnology Today, MN State/Local
Hazardous Waste Management Information System Nov 21, 2014 MN State/Local
Systems Applications and Products (SAP) Business Objects Enterprise Oct 23, 2014 MN State/Local
Outsourcing of Technology Services Oct 24, 2014 MS State/Local
Telco Wireless Fundamentals and Usage Training Nov 14, 2014 MT State/Local
Gathering information to find or develop a Stock Supply System for the purpose of managing warehouse inventory. Nov 18, 2014 NE State/Local
Dcpds Satx Life Cycle Replacement (lcr) Nov 10, 2014 NV Free Listing
Maintenance Decision Support System Oct 31, 2014 NH State/Local
A--broad Agency Announcement (baa) - Technology Focused Areas Of Interest Sep 9, 2016 NJ Free Listing
E-Government Application and Services Nov 20, 2014 NJ State/Local
Technology Services Oct 23, 2014 NJ State/Local
County Clerk, Registry Landex System Oct 31, 2014 NJ State/Local
IT Support Services Oct 22, 2014 NJ State/Local
IT Certification Instruction Nov 7, 2014 NJ State/Local
E-Discovery Services Nov 25, 2014 NY State/Local
Epic Service Desk Nov 14, 2014 NY State/Local
Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services (Statewide) Dec 10, 2014 NY State/Local
Integrated Regional and Statewide Travel Demand Management (TDM) Program Delivering Support of an Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) Nov 6, 2014 NY State/Local
CA Technologies Oct 24, 2014 NY State/Local
Certified AppBase Vendor Oct 29, 2014 NY State/Local
Records Management and Cashiering System Support Oct 27, 2014 NY State/Local
Migration Project & Hosting Services Oct 31, 2014 NY State/Local
Sybase ASE Enterprise Edition software license and technical services Nov 4, 2014 NY State/Local
Support and Maintenance of P6/Primavera Databases and Architecture Today, NY State/Local
Data Analyst/Reports Specialist Nov 3, 2014 NY State/Local
Internet Content Distribution Services Nov 12, 2014 NY State/Local
MilTech: Design for manufacturability and assembly (DFMA) analysis and analysis of alternatives (AOA) Oct 29, 2014 NY State/Local
Technical Assistance Renewal Today, NY State/Local
Information Technology (IT) Audit Plan Nov 19, 2014 NY State/Local
CoPathPlus Test Area, implementation and maintenance Nov 7, 2014 NY State/Local
Electrical, Data, and Telecommunication Installation Services Oct 30, 2014 NY State/Local
Installation of New Computer Room Nov 13, 2014 NY State/Local
Joint Commission Technical Consultation Oct 28, 2014 NY State/Local
Medical Records Archiving and Retrieval Services Nov 20, 2014 NY State/Local
StarTeam Oct 22, 2014 NY State/Local
LINX Maintenance & Enhancements Oct 28, 2014 NY State/Local
D--information Assurance Support Services Sep 25, 2015 NC Free Listing
Senior Analyst Programmer Oct 28, 2014 NC State/Local
D--omg Annual Membership Renewal Apr 8, 2015 OH Free Listing
Power and Thermal Management Technology Development 2 (PATH 2) Dec 15, 2016 OH Free Listing
Sensor Innovative Research Apr 5, 2017 OH Free Listing
IT Staff Augmentation Nov 21, 2014 OH State/Local
Cyberspace Infrastructure Planning System (cips) Nov 3, 2014 OK Free Listing
Covendis Technologies Jan 6, 2016 OR State/Local
Networked State Statute Routine Program Changes Feb 19, 2103 OR State/Local
In-Vehicle Telematics Data Collection and Aggregation Dec 31, 2014 OR State/Local
Request for Applications - Locum Tenens Services Dec 11, 2015 OR State/Local
Phone-and Web-Based Research Jul 16, 2017 OR State/Local
Vendor Input for the Development of Software VAR Solicitation Nov 30, 2014 OR State/Local
IT Services Dec 2, 2014 OR State/Local
Rehabilitation Of Existing Readiness Center - IT Services Oct 22, 2014 PA State/Local
D--hitachi Data System Hw Support Renewal <br /><br /> Oct 23, 2014 PA Free Listing
Technology Assessment Jan 23, 2015 PA State/Local
Software Applications Developer Jul 30, 2015 SC State/Local
IT Services Today, SC State/Local
Newspaper Digital Project Oct 24, 2014 TN State/Local
SCADA Upgrade and Integration Nov 6, 2014 TN State/Local
Identity Management System Upgrade Oct 24, 2014 TX State/Local
Information Technology Consolidation Service Nov 7, 2014 UT Free Listing
Strategic Technologies Sep 17, 2015 VA Free Listing
Cyber Fault-tolerant Attack Recovery (cfar) Nov 19, 2014 VA Free Listing
Fulfillment Services Oct 29, 2014 VA State/Local
Ground X-vehicle Technologies (gxv-t) Program Technology Development Dec 5, 2014 VA Free Listing
Eacquisitions Tool Oct 24, 2014 VA Free Listing
Entrust Certificate Services Today, VA Free Listing
Information Technology Assessment Nov 7, 2014 VA State/Local
Technology Consultancy Services Oct 31, 2014 VA State/Local
Technical Consultant for Broadband Internet Deployment Oct 24, 2014 VA State/Local
Track Ii Nuclear Treaty Verification Technology Dialogues Nov 4, 2014 VA Free Listing
Equipment Data Analysis and Reporting Modules Dec 3, 2014 WA State/Local
WIC Cascades Project MIS Transfer and Implementation Nov 30, 2014 WA State/Local
SAP Technical and Functional Consulting Services Nov 4, 2014 WA State/Local
Nato International Competitive Bidding (icb): Functional Services For Command & Control Of Maritime Operations (triton Increment 1) Nov 4, 2014 DC Free Listing
Market Survey For Oracle Primavera Support Services Oct 30, 2014 DC Free Listing
Request For Proposals For Information Technology And Information Management Services Nov 3, 2014 DC Free Listing
Bridging the Digital Divide Nov 17, 2014 WI State/Local
Cable Television Oct 30, 2014 AB State/Local
Integraph CAD to CAD Oct 30, 2014 AB State/Local
IT Contractor & Recruitment Firms Oct 31, 2014 BC State/Local
Implementation of SCADA System Improvements Nov 5, 2014 BC State/Local
IT Resource Planning Nov 6, 2014 BC State/Local
Information Security Analysts Oct 30, 2014 BC State/Local