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Learn: Five Simple Tips For Creating Rapport With Government

  1. Forget the red tie - psychology studies continually conclude that prospects and customers are more open and rapport comes more easily when you wear pastel colors
  2. Start rapport generating conversations - conversations that touch on prospects' family or pets, geographies (where they live, grew up, or favorite vacation spots), and hobbies, rank highest as topics that foster initial rapport
  3. Lose the "professional" beginning to your powerpoint presentation - instead of having your title slide display while prospects gather in the room, display your desktop with family, hobbies, or nature scenes... they are highly effective for starting conversations and rapport
  4. Handwrite a personal message on your business card - personal cell phone number is ideal
  5. Forget your standard voice message - instead let them know you are sending an email with the message (and include links in your email to industry articles that will be on interest to your prospect)

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