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Tips for Leaving Voice Mail Messages That Get Prospects to Take Action!

A voice mail letting your government or teaming partner prospect know that you are "simply following up" and would like a call back is a lot like talking to a wall... not a lot is going to happen. You need to provide a reason to call you back... one that is compelling and has something "in it" for them. This strategy, combined with other a few other simple things (and some not so simple things), all play a part getting your prospects to take notice of your voice mail message - and take action!

Here are a few tactical tips you can start using now!

  1. 10 Seconds? 30 seconds? 2 Minutes?  How long is your average voice mail? Most voice mail messages are deleted after the first 10 seconds. If you hook prospects in the first 10 seconds, they might hear you out for a full 30 seconds, but that's about it.  Strive to get the most important information into the first 10 seconds and hook them! Speak clearly and leave your callback number (with area code) at the 10 second point in your email AND at the end of your email. The easier your message is to hear and take action on, the more likely the recipient will act on it.
  2. Kiss-Off the "Kiss of Death" Message. "Hello General Thompson, this is Goober from Mayberry IT Consulting. I'm just following up and would like a call back..."  

    Really?  What reason does he have to call you back? If this is your approach, your first action after reading this e-brief should be kissing-off these kiss-of-death voice mail messages. Forever.

    A better approach? A brief statement that basically tells your prospect you have an idea for making their life easier, solving a problem you know they've been struggling with (because you've done your research), you have a way to save them $2500 based on his current costs and you would discuss the details. Better yet? You saw an article in a recent publication about his company and you would like to invite him to be a guest on your next podcast episode, or you'd like to do an interview for your company blog.
  3. People are either "e-mail people or phone people."  You need to know that, and play into it. Use your voice mail to let them know they can call you back OR email you back -- whatever is best for them. Even if you know that you really need to speak to them, an email reply to you will at least get a conversation started. It will enable you to begin a rapport that will eventually lead to the phone conversation or in-person meeting that if your real goal. (Remember to leave your email address w/ your phone number -- nice and slooowwwwwwwww!)


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