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Does Your Website Speak to Government Prospects?

Before you meet the vast majority of your government prospects and potential teaming partners, they've already visited your website and made their first impression of your firm. One key element for making that all-important first impression a great one, is to design your website as a strong marketing tools.
The simple exercise below is a great way to quickly identify if you’re on the right track (or if you need to get busy re-writing!)

  1. Grab a piece of paper and create a tally sheet with two columns. Label one column "You" and "Your". Label the second column "I", "Me", "We", “Our”; you also want to include your business name in this column
  2. Next review your web site's home page; each time a word at the top of the columns appears on the page, put a tic mark in the appropriate column.
  3. Do this same exercise for all web pages that have high traffic and/or for all pages with your primary product and service descriptions.
  4. When you are finished, what you want to see is a chart that reflects far more emphasis on your prospects and their goals, needs, problems to be solved, etc. Obviously, this will be indicated by lots of tic marks in the first column.

Certainly there is a place on your website to talk directly about your company, what you do, why you are better than competitors, etc., but you need to write the copy so that it is written in terms of how your prospect benefits instead of "all about you".


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