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Compelling Reasons to Offer White Papers to
Your Government Customers and Prospects

Subject Matter Expertise is important to your government prospects.  White papers can be very powerful in establishing your company as the expert (or even the thought leader) in your market segment .For example, by outlining the history of a particular technology evolvement; you can logically and linearly tell your story (past, present, and future) AND highlight the painful problems government has experienced along the way. Conclude with your company’s solution to the problem, focusing on the benefits!

But remember, when telling your story, lead the way (in other words, set the stage) to the solution instead of introducing your company’s solution right off the bat. White papers can be powerful in driving change through education (first and foremost) and marketing (second). It’s a delicate balance that requires knowledge regarding the structure of a white paper

Here are a few more compelling reasons to offer white papers to your government customers and prospects.

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